We Locked Our Phones Away For A Week

게시일 2019. 10. 30.
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We attempted to live without our phones for the first time over 5 years
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Dolan Twins
Dolan Twins
  • Kate Dyson

    Kate Dyson

    5 시간 전

    0:32 graysons smile made me cryyyy

  • Emmaline Valeur Bjerre

    Emmaline Valeur Bjerre

    9 시간 전

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  • Claire Banks

    Claire Banks

    12 시간 전

    The sky when they went surfing o͙o͙o͙o͙k͙k͙k͙u͙u͙u͙u͙r͙r͙r͙r͙

  • Signe Kristensen

    Signe Kristensen

    15 시간 전

    19:02 let's talk about that cuz i'm in loooovee

  • A_DraKeY _J

    A_DraKeY _J

    일 전

    hawaii??? Nvm wait nvm it is hawaii

  • Unique Unicorn

    Unique Unicorn

    일 전

    13:22 can we just talk about that Beyonce shirt😂💁

  • Kylee Merry

    Kylee Merry

    일 전

    This inspired me to do a day without my tablet I know you did a week but I have school and kinda have to stay on time everyday

  • haley sweet

    haley sweet

    일 전

    when grayson woke kyle up shouting and he didnt even flinch.......... kinda horrifying lmao

  • Kaleigh Westfall

    Kaleigh Westfall

    일 전


  • Kaleigh Westfall

    Kaleigh Westfall

    일 전

    Ethan is so cute but Grayson is over the top.❤️❤️Like is you love the Dolan twins

  • Malak Musleh

    Malak Musleh

    2 일 전

    What’s that stuff Ethan puts on his face I think I need it 😂

  • Legend :P

    Legend :P

    2 일 전

    When Grayson said I feel more pure. And Ethan said it’s maybe because u haven’t looked at porn all day that had me dieing lol and Grayson was just like really bro? What how do I respond to this

  • Madilyn Ellis

    Madilyn Ellis

    2 일 전


  • Bri S

    Bri S

    3 일 전

    Grayson: this is a great welcoming to *hawaii*
    Ethan:I think we are officially off the grid

  • Bri S

    Bri S

    3 일 전

    Grayson: why do you get the bed sticks and a fan

  • Manatees Are so cute

    Manatees Are so cute

    3 일 전

    Who thinks they should buy an island and have crazy adventures on it?!!?! I know they mad expensive but image that...

  • Grace D.

    Grace D.

    3 일 전

    Who’s that girl? slow it down 27:06

  • Happy Wang puppy

    Happy Wang puppy

    3 일 전

    I love you guys so much 💜💜

  • DB hoops

    DB hoops

    4 일 전

    Subscribe to me

  • Bernadette Ortega

    Bernadette Ortega

    4 일 전

    I live on the north shore of Oahu and I know exactly where you were. So freaky that everything was so familiar! Glad you guys had a fun time in Hawaii..aloha!

  • Grace Miller

    Grace Miller

    4 일 전

    Honestly I would marry Grayson he’s like really lowkey thoughtful, the type that a lot of people don’t notice at first and it’s the cutest😂😂

  • Karolina L.A

    Karolina L.A

    4 일 전

    If I did the challenge of not using my phone for a week then I would lose for watching your videos 😂

  • Lilly May

    Lilly May

    4 일 전

    Grayson: can you guys guess where we are yes...
    Eathen: tries to get star in his mouth

  • Reenad Alsubaie

    Reenad Alsubaie

    4 일 전

    I love seeing them happy with their life ♥️

  • Ratty ArTy Chinta

    Ratty ArTy Chinta

    5 일 전

    Omg did they just make that knocking things , to cancel bad things to happen ?.thought only in my country do that lol 😂😲😲

  • Ceyda K.

    Ceyda K.

    5 일 전

    I actually stopped watching their videos for while while maybe like 9 months or something. And now i‘m happy i‘m back and happy that their back and i appreciate it. Love these happy goofs

  • phxiy


    5 일 전

    j curious have they been grounded before

  • NÉA H

    NÉA H

    5 일 전

    Lol I spend a week without my phone several times a year. #larperlife

  • Hpi Popu

    Hpi Popu

    5 일 전

    Who’s watching this on their phone

  • jennifer xoxo

    jennifer xoxo

    6 일 전

    If u remember gray said that he had an Snapchat and he couldn't answer it and then at the end his phone was dead......

  • Gediminas Rimkus

    Gediminas Rimkus

    6 일 전

    Who just loves Grayson smile?

  • Mia Garlitos

    Mia Garlitos

    7 일 전

    Bro no way they were at the island that I live on

  • Beth Treasure

    Beth Treasure

    7 일 전

    Who's cuter?

    Grayson: like
    Ethan: comment

  • Makayla Ward

    Makayla Ward

    8 일 전

    Every time they say they haven't thought about using their electronics I'm like you just did dude

  • Galaxylover


    8 일 전

    Omg I love u guys 🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘

  • Carys Vuckovic Kirley

    Carys Vuckovic Kirley

    9 일 전

    when e and gray get woken up both of their reactions are "holy f*uck"

  • Auggie Beeler

    Auggie Beeler

    9 일 전

    the twins loving life with no electronics: vibing
    us watching this video: 👁👄👁

  • Gacha sophie

    Gacha sophie

    9 일 전

    Grayson or ethan saying sorry the cute way: sorry

  • sophia karpoev

    sophia karpoev

    9 일 전

    11 pro in the thumbnail calling me poor

  • Kiran Xx

    Kiran Xx

    9 일 전

    the way i wanna be friends with them 😔❤️

  • Rilynn Carlley

    Rilynn Carlley

    9 일 전

    Lol why do they both have lotion and tissues next to their beds 😂😂😂

  • Summer Bryson

    Summer Bryson

    10 일 전

    Perth beaches are better

  • mateusz cieslak

    mateusz cieslak

    10 일 전

    you inspired me guys...

  • Leona van Kempen

    Leona van Kempen

    10 일 전

    I wanna do this too! Who wants to go to Hawaii with me??!

  • Óscar Duran

    Óscar Duran

    10 일 전

    Imagine that but like 2 months that’s what happened to me

  • rewan ghoneim

    rewan ghoneim

    11 일 전

    why was it sad at the end like i was literally about to cry even tho i don’t cry about stupid shit like this

  • Liana Heyahe

    Liana Heyahe

    11 일 전

    I actually enjoyed this video

  • RedCrypticness


    12 일 전

    There’s a solution to ur problem, buy a new phone :)

  • Shannon Brown

    Shannon Brown

    12 일 전

    Their excitement over some pigs is the purest thing in this world!

  • blurboy99


    13 일 전

    This is the most annoying video ever

  • lailamayzing !

    lailamayzing !

    13 일 전

    Im not even kidding, at the end, when they showed all the photos and stuff, i cried

  • Gameing Oof

    Gameing Oof

    13 일 전

    Is it iconic that my mom took my phone for 2 months while I was watching this video?

  • Toothless fangirl

    Toothless fangirl

    13 일 전

    One of my friends phonescreen was broken and while it was in repair we all spammed her and she had like 7000 Messages and her phone was blowing up 😂😂

  • Falling Star

    Falling Star

    13 일 전

    i feel so proud for the twins. i love that they seem so free and human. they should do this more.

  • Briqueen 108

    Briqueen 108

    13 일 전

    24:25 the chef of the week goes to Grayson Dolan

  • Amy Nguyên

    Amy Nguyên

    13 일 전

    Omg wtf I’m watching this again in 2020 and when the vid came out I didn’t even realise that it said rise and shine in the video

  • Lu ssgjj

    Lu ssgjj

    14 일 전

    im in love with your happiness im being serious.

  • shaelyn mcclunn

    shaelyn mcclunn

    14 일 전

    Grayson’s like the coolest dude. He makes breakfast? Like damn. ❤️ So awesome.

  • Ashlee Long

    Ashlee Long

    14 일 전

    Who reads the comments throughout the video

  • Gabijosooo :3

    Gabijosooo :3

    14 일 전

    This video made me realise how boring my life is and how i’m addicted to my phone